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And all will be well...

I wish there was a way that merely thinking about this blog would transform my thoughts into typed words that would appear here...but alas such is not the case. I've been gone too long.

Life intervenes and keeps us from the promises we make to ourselves. We all too often put ourselves at the bottom of our "to do" lists. Illness knocks on our door and escorts us to bed and we find it easy to stay there - in spirit at least - long after we are recovered. But eventually we get back up and drag ourselves back into Life, dutifully noting that it has continued right on schedule without us...

And what am I doing when I'm "away"?

Breathing out and breathing in.
Practicing Reiki.
Practicing tonglen meditation.
Trying to get out of my way.
Trying to keep the promises I've made to myself.

The nice thing about being my age is the comfort that comes from knowing that my life - and my breathing- mimics the tides. In and out, out and in. Things, thoughts, people, ideas... they come and then go. Feelings ebb and flow. All is as it should be and each moment is perfect if I just acknowledge it as so. Each moment is a gift.

And I know with a deep certainty that "all will be well"... I'm back!

p.s. my roses are blooming and they are beautiful!!!

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