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A Christmas House Tour!

I should have gone to bed much earlier, but I stayed up to take some photos of the rooms decorated for the holidays. The yellow walls just seem to glow with the Christmas lights!

I love our tree! I didn't plan it, but I realized last year that all the ornaments have to do with life and growth; birds, flowers, bees, eggs...with a number of stars and crosses, too.
(Click on the pictures to enlarge - some take a bit longer to load than others.)

This is one of the pansy ornaments my mom gave Emily one year. They are from Wintethur.

The view from my place at the dining room table; to the right is the front door and stairs and, to the left, the music room and living room.

The music room looks so bright and cozy at Christmas!

I love my snowmen who dance on the mantel!

A bit blurry, but the front stairs are decorated, too.

I love this bench in the foyer that my mother-in-law gave us. (Just got the pillows on sale!)

The dining room mantel. The walls are painted with Laura Ashley's Sapphire #5.

The Mariner Santa on a chest in the music room where I have seascapes and nautical things.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Merry Christmas!


Jake has been in seventh heaven the past few days. He can hardly believe his "find" after the recent ice storm; Pup-cicles! A stick covered with ice! Two of his favorite things combined in one! You could just see him thinking, "ARF! There IS a God!!!!"

Waiting to go out...again???? "For Pup-cicles, Mom!!!!"


Who knew I'd ever get a kick out of doing cartoon? But this fun! (Click on the 'toon to enlarge..)


So my poor mama tripped over a footstool whilst decorating her Christmas tree and landed on her knee. Only trouble is she heard a loud C-R-A-C-K in her leg just shortly after touching knee to floor. Apparently she did quite a good job of breaking her femur and now sports the addition of a titanium rod inserted down the center of said femur from hip to knee. OUCH. Always has to out-do her youngest daughter! The pitiful steel plate and screws in my ankle seem pretty piddly compared to a Titanium Rod for heaven's sake! She's home now and doing well and we're all very, very grateful for her good health and spunky attitude. Anyhoo, I thought of this cartoon the night she fell. If you click on the image it will grow to a readable size: