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So my poor mama tripped over a footstool whilst decorating her Christmas tree and landed on her knee. Only trouble is she heard a loud C-R-A-C-K in her leg just shortly after touching knee to floor. Apparently she did quite a good job of breaking her femur and now sports the addition of a titanium rod inserted down the center of said femur from hip to knee. OUCH. Always has to out-do her youngest daughter! The pitiful steel plate and screws in my ankle seem pretty piddly compared to a Titanium Rod for heaven's sake! She's home now and doing well and we're all very, very grateful for her good health and spunky attitude. Anyhoo, I thought of this cartoon the night she fell. If you click on the image it will grow to a readable size:

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Zaftigkre said...

Leapin' Lemurs!

I hope your mom is doing better, hobbling around with a Solid Titanium Rod to show for her adventure. Solid Titanium is hot on the commodities market these days, you know (or you would, anyway if you watched late night infomercials. Actually, I just totally made that up, but it SOUNDS like a late-night infomercial, no?)

I like your cartoons. Kind of remind me of the Sylvia cartoons of old. I don't know if Sylvia is still around, but she certainly should be.