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I can get rather full of myself at times. Then I remember this poem by Hafiz that The Wise Imp (my description) in the form of Seena B. Frost read to us when I was in facilitator training this past October. And I remember that, much to my chagrin, my ten thousand idiots are quite alive - thriving even - inside me...

Ten Thousand Idiots

It is always a danger
to aspirants
on the

When they begin
To believe and

As if the ten thousand idiots
Who so long ruled
And lived

Have all packed their bags
And skipped town


Introducing Bennett Michael Huddle - the first member of the next generation of my family! Ben is my sister's first grandchild and the son of my nephew Michael and his wife Poy. They were so nice to let me hold Ben even when I wasn't sure I'd give him back! What a lucky little boy to be born into our family and to be soooo wanted and soooo loved! He was definitely on my Things I'm Grateful For list on Thanksgiving!


I took the HANDMADE pledge.


Today I'm grateful that the sky is blue. The past few days have been gray and heavy; a good match for my mood. But as I came to work this morning, the sky had cleared enough to expose an oval patch of blue. It's contrast to the white cloud that floated in front of it made the blue seem all the more, well, blue...

What a happy, uplifting color - I felt my mood lighten immediately. So today I'm grateful that the sky is blue. Aubergine just wouldn't work as well...


I've been having fun in my studio! I've challenged myself to design some jewelry that looks substantial but is actually very lightweight. So I've been working with archival foam core board as a base and going from there. The first and the last images are of pendants to be hung from black silicone cord. The middle image is a pin. I'm still developing/refining my technique so that the craftsmanship equals the design. Eventually these will be items I will sell on Etsy.


I'm letting this image speak to me today - it's one of the first SoulCollage cards I made. Today she is telling me "I am the one who heals those who seek healing."


Recently I rediscovered this picture of my family taken in my grandparent's yard on Easter in 1952. I'm the little one with the bonnet...and it was just before my second birthday.

I was blessed to have a wonderful family and a happy childhood...and I continue to be blessed by their love and support.


Lately I've been thinking a lot (maybe too much?) about the butterflies a friend wants me to paint on her Reiki treatment room. I had butterflies in my tummy after I ate breakfast. Wonder why?


Busy. Happy. Busy! Happy!

I've been busy completing a commission for 1300 holiday cards. Picked up the cards at the printer's today and they look great! Now if the envelopes will just come in I can get the whole order shipped out and forward the invoice: cha-ching! This will be the seed money for the SoulCollage workshops I will start facilitating after the new year... another venture that HAS to have it's own web presence, right? Right! So...piece X piece is the name and here it is!

I'm still adding to each page so please bear with me while I work on it. The banner image is a part of one of my SoulCollage cards; The Divine Child. Such a funny, happy little card - just as I picture a divine child... I think I'll use it on flyers and other printed materials I'll need. I'm considering having postcards made - to stick up on bulletin boards, but also to send out as I develop a mailing list.

Hmmm...lots to think about, but even more to do to get all this up and running. I'm also developing ideas for work to put on Etsy...trying to focus...hard to do! Have no intention of getting anything up before the holidays. So be it. I want it to be great! And I want it all to have a complete look and be really special right down to the design of the packaging. I love all the details!

And has anyone else noticed that Christmas is nearing at an incredible clip???? YIKES!

Busy. Happy. Busy! Happy! A good way to spend a life...


The rest of the story...(which began with my 29 October entry...)
I actually put it together as a little movie titled Bob. The Movie. but I'm afraid to link to it since I used music with it and I don't want to be sued for heaven's sake!