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Busy. Happy. Busy! Happy!

I've been busy completing a commission for 1300 holiday cards. Picked up the cards at the printer's today and they look great! Now if the envelopes will just come in I can get the whole order shipped out and forward the invoice: cha-ching! This will be the seed money for the SoulCollage workshops I will start facilitating after the new year... another venture that HAS to have it's own web presence, right? Right! So...piece X piece is the name and here it is!

I'm still adding to each page so please bear with me while I work on it. The banner image is a part of one of my SoulCollage cards; The Divine Child. Such a funny, happy little card - just as I picture a divine child... I think I'll use it on flyers and other printed materials I'll need. I'm considering having postcards made - to stick up on bulletin boards, but also to send out as I develop a mailing list.

Hmmm...lots to think about, but even more to do to get all this up and running. I'm also developing ideas for work to put on Etsy...trying to focus...hard to do! Have no intention of getting anything up before the holidays. So be it. I want it to be great! And I want it all to have a complete look and be really special right down to the design of the packaging. I love all the details!

And has anyone else noticed that Christmas is nearing at an incredible clip???? YIKES!

Busy. Happy. Busy! Happy! A good way to spend a life...

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