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Oh for heaven's sake...

I planted nasturtium seeds in all my urns where I also have white petunias and creeping jenny growing beautifully and abundantly. The nasturtiums took their ever lovin' time sprouting, but have finally produced their first orange blossoms. Not quite what I had envisioned, however. There is exactly one blossom per urn. One teensy-weensy orange flower. So that makes a total of 5 nasturtiums with nary a sign of any more to come.

It looks ridiculous.

It's not at all the gleeful tumbles of playful yellow and orange flowers falling all over themselves and the edges of the urns that I had envisioned when I carefully placed the hard, round little seeds in the soil. I was so hopeful. Soooo hopeful!


The Quints, as I've taken to calling them, seem to delight in my dismay; mocking me while they happily flaunt their discounting of my Highly Refined Landscaping Design Aesthetic. And they know what a sucker I am. They know how optimistic I am and that I'll let them stay in the hope that my vision will eventually be realized.

I think I'm doomed.

Damned orange little twits...

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