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I'm making progress. I have moved from whining about my weight to whining about my wait. I'm chairsitting. Like I used to make the girls do when they misbehaved. But I haven't least I don't think I have...

I can't, as strange as it sounds, take chairsitting sitting down. I have places to go, things to do, people to see, rooms to clean, gardens to weed, dances to dance! So instead of sitting, I basically bounce in my chair. And when the going gets really rough I switch the chair out with a desk-height exercise ball and sit/bounce on that.

And I'm here all by myself. The faculty is off grading or testing or doing whatever faculty do when they aren't here. And our department administrator took the rest of the week off. And the students aren't anywhere to be seen either.

Just me here. Passing the hours bouncing as I chairsit.


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