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It's snowing tonight.

Our home is snug and warm...all decorated...filled with the aroma of ginger and curry from the dinner I made. Tomorrow it will be even more fragrant when I make Indian Ratatouille for friends who are coming for dinner...cumin, cardamon, cinnamon, saffron...mmmm! I'm planning on making rich Pots De Creme for mom's recipe.

Jake is asleep on the floor next to me and his tail is thump, thump, thumping the carpet. I wonder what he's dreaming of? Playing with his buddies at puppy daycare today? He's such a sweetie!

Emily's in San Francisco at the American Geophysics Association's annual gathering; she was selected to present her summer research with NASA at a poster session - her second year of presenting! She'll head home to Philly tomorrow. I miss her...

Meggie is doing such a great job getting all her applications to grad schools together and mailed - all while she's working and helping out around home. She is thorough and thoughtful. I know that once she is off and running she won't be home for extended periods. I will miss her already...

Next week I'll have my chickies in the nest again as we gather to celebrate Christmas.

I always sleep so much better with my chickies in the nest! (If I had a tail like Jake's I just know it would be thump, thump, thumping!)

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Brookie said...

and oooohhh what a yummy meal......