I've put Scones and Crones on haitus for a bit, so click here:
and I'll see you on my other blog, okay?

See you there! And let me know if you visit, okay?


One can never have too many shops or blogs...

I decided that I wanted to use Lille Hus for my Etsy shop, and finally figured out how to accomplish that. Click here to see it!

And then, to chronicle the development of the shop and all the wonders that will be available there, I started a new blog:

I could (and do!) spend hours, and hours, and HOURS on all this... it's so much fun!

Anyhoo - come on over and check it out - and let me know what you think so far!

While I'm doing all my other work today, I'll be thinking about the design for all the peripheral goodies like business cards and wrappings and the stuff I'll sell. Ka-ching!

A busy mind is a happy mind!!!

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