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Got Post-Its?

Ten (10) Easy Steps to Creating an Impromptu Show About Color (?) Consumables (?) Spontaneous Creativity (?):

1. Take a small, empty gallery (empty except for a long, low, wood pedestal left from the previous show), 3M Post-It Notes (in this case yellow, orange, red-orange), and 24.3 minutes that would normally be spent staring at your computer.

2. Enter gallery and start Post-It-ing. Just do it. Figure it out as you go along. Stick 'em on the pedestal. Stick 'em on the wall. Compose two more "works" on opposite wall.

3. Stand back and critique. Edit. Adjust as needed.

4. Turn on gallery lights.

5. Return to office to scan Post-It stuck on paper with show title and place. Save as jpeg.

6. Attach "poster" to email and send to co-workers.

7. Document with photos.

8. Add show info to the "Solo Exhibitions" section of your resume.

9. Smile!!!

10. Return to work.

(I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow...)

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