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Fragile Dream I

I've been down with a bug for too many days, but I've been bound and determined to finish my pieces in time to get them off to be juried for the Fiber National show.

What a flail all this has been; the first attempts looked weak and flimsy and then the fiberglass screening I tried mounting them on gave off a horrendous moire effect, and all the photos I took with "professional lighting" were horrible. SO I re-grouped and re-thought the work whilst lying next to dead on the couch...I decided to use osnaburg for the background fabric - it's a wonderful rough sort of natural cotton with little flecks in it. It holds the cheesecloth well and it hangs nicely and the stitching I did works well with the humble quality of the fabric. I liked the idea of humbleness combined with fragile dreams...

I worked yesterday in 20 min spurts - alternating with 20 minute naps - and finished at midnight. I came home at lunch and photographed the pieces on my studio wall and in natural light; just needed minor tweaking in Photoshop. I mailed the entry with CD, etc. this afternoon - and it didn't need to be postmarked 'til the 6th!!! Yeah ME!!!!!

It feels wonderful to have honored the commitment to my work and to myself in spite of having the flu.

I should sleep well tonight. My work is done, and I can almost breathe through my nose again! Life is good.

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