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Delicious anticipation...

We got back this afternoon after 4 days in Norfolk visiting family. The visit included: eating, sailing, eating, shopping, eating, sleeping, eating...a good visit for sure!

The bed at my sister's was comfortable, but the closer we got to our home, the more I relished the idea of climbing into our new bed; a Sleep Number. The 7000 model. With the foundation that lets us move the head up and the feet up - individually or at the same time. And it will even vibrate just your feet or just your head or both or in a WAVE for heaven's sake. Way cool. W-a-a-a-y cool! (I'm a 40 by the way. Dean's a 50.)

Anyway, I'm near giddy with the delicious anticipation that has been building all evening. As soon as I type the last character on this post, I'm off to sink into glorious, luxurious, deep, deep sleep. My way. The number 40 way. Aaaaah.

How did I ever manage without this bed? You wanna know how good it is??? It's so good I haven't lost one minute of sleep worrying about how much it cost. And, considering it cost over twice as much as my first brand new car cost in 1973 (a pale blue VW Super Beetle I named Oliver) that's Pretty Darn Good!!!

G'night, all!

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