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Just sayin'...

The guest room is coming along. Wallpaper is peeled, walls washed and rinsed, holes filled, skim coat of joint compound on. Today we lightly sand the woodwork and prime everything so m-a-a-a-a-y-be tomorrow we can paint the ceiling, hang the fan and maybe even paint the walls. After the walls and trim are finished we can rent the sander and go after the floors.( This IS the right order in case you're worried.)

In the midst of all this, we decided we'd put a sink in the corner - very European, no? - since we already had hot and cold water there from when we mistakenly had the washer and dryer installed upstairs (the agitation of the washer made the entire house shake and shimmy..scary!). So I thought it would be fun to have a one of the vessel sinks you see in all the decorating mags. Well geez. The least expensive one I found was $98, but when you figure in the cost of the stand to put it on AND the special faucet it needed, the cost was prohibitive. I'd rather eat and finish putting my kids through college. I'm funny that way...

Take a look at all the options for vessel sinks at Home Depot sometime. Most are in the $300-600 range. Sure they are pretty and a change from the ordinary sinks most of us have. But what are they really???

Fancy $20 salad bowls with 1.5" holes in the bottom for heaven's sake...

We're going with the pedestal sink for $88. Like you'd find in an out- of -the way B and B in, say, the Scottish Highlands. White. Affordable. Quaint.

Now we just need to find an equally affordable plumber. Preferably one without the quaint plumber's crack. Unless, of course, he looks and sounds like Sean Connery.

Just sayin'...

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