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Oops. It appears that the last post exposed my recent penchant for Minimalism, huh? ;-)

I'll be away for a bit tending to my Mom and Dad. Mom had some sort of weird whatever happen on Monday - or the night before? - and has been in the hospital. Doctors at first thought menengitis or encephelitus (which I ain't gonna look up the spelling for right now because I is POOPED!) but the tests came back negative. Now they are thinking a ministroke but aren't sure. She had a seizure in the hospital Tuesday night but none since. The anti-seizure meds have her a bit loopy so it's hard to tell what's druggie behavior and what's her. But she's got her sense of humor -so much so that it took me a minute to realize she was hallucinating when she asked me what "all those white bumps were" on my face...and on Dad's. That happened right after she ate...and then today after she ate lunch my white bumps were back and she couldn't figure out why anyone would paint a hospital wall (which, in reality, was white) a crosshatched design of red and orange. (Well how the heck would I know??? I'm still trying to get the damned white spots on my face to go away!!!)

So tomorrow we will meet with the neurologist since he's the Main Man now that the cardiology and infectious disease types have given her a clean bill of health. Dad has found a "wonderful place" that accepts TRICARE and works with the hospital where he hopes she can go to gain her strength back (right side is weak - left, too but right more so) and we can work with an occupational therapist to get Mom ready to come home. She's a trooper with incredible patience and determination who seems content to spend a lo-o-o-ong time getting egg noodles and beef cubes into her mouth which, I explained to her, was "still in the center of her face slightly below her nose." She absolutely gave me The Mom Look at that, so I'm optimistic she's got what it takes to make a good recovery. If only so she can knock my block off...

Keep the prayers coming as you are inclined, though. She had just used up big bunches of energy getting back on her feet after her femur break and surgery to insert a titanium rod...she was back walking without a cane in just over a month! She'll have to dig deep to find additional energy to get over this setback, but if anyone can do what's called for it's her. What an inspiration and example.

So...I'll post when I can.

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