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I've been continuing my journey of clearing out and re-arranging things in my life. I've always had an abundance of things and have clutched hold of them mightily. Perhaps because I've felt, on some level, that I didn't really have the non-material things I deeply needed. Because, for whatever reason, I've felt that I didn't deserve them.

Odd how the mind works. What event or person in my life made me so sure of my unworthiness? Why did I choose to believe such nonsense and let it rule how I've lived my life?

That was then and this is now. I chose to believe I am worthy. And what I'm learning in this process is that clutching an abundance of things interferes with realizing the abundance of spirit - that generosity of heart and soul that I long to embody and radiate.

So I'm working on finding the balance that suits me.

It's an interesting journey, this.

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