I've put Scones and Crones on haitus for a bit, so click here:
and I'll see you on my other blog, okay?

See you there! And let me know if you visit, okay?


It's Spring in my head...and underground

I decided that while I'm going nutso (see post below) I'd play on Photoshop. It's cold and bleak here today, so my thoughts turned to SPRING:

I feel better already! (I'm really loving the green today...)

And what the heck...while I was at it I decided to see what I could do for a blog in this here...

Anyhoo...then you go to here and vote on which design/name you think I should use for my Etsy shop (the poll is on the left hand side of the blog). I promise that, eventually, there will actually be things for SALE in one of the shops!!!


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