I've put Scones and Crones on haitus for a bit, so click here:
and I'll see you on my other blog, okay?

See you there! And let me know if you visit, okay?


But, but, butt...

When I'm Queen #4:

My tush, the mushy cush upon which I, the Broad with the Beautimus Botto, sit whilst on the Throne (and the throne as well..), will be the envy of all, and it's dimpled-ness the inspiration of both Artist and Bard. To assist their expressions of awe and admiration for my Most Amazing Ass (how crass!) I offer the following:

When I'm Queen #5:
There will be a new Crayola crayon made: Perfectly Portly Bottom Pink


When I'm Queen #6:
"Lush" and "tush" will rhyme. Somehow. I command it!

That's it for now.
Queenie out.

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