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A quiet anniversary...

Today it has been 4 years and two days since I had my decompression surgery for a Chiari I Malformation.

Just as the malformation was "hidden" for 25 years, so are the changes that I have rejoiced in since the surgery; I appeared well before but I am well now. I know that the surgery was not a cure - I will always have the malformation - but I'm grateful that the surgery has, for the most part, alleviated my symptoms.

Today I am grateful for the gift of good health; of a life free from the horrid "bombs" going off in my head, free from numbness, free from dizziness and falls.

Life is good. I embrace the quiet solitude of my celebration and journey on...


RevSharon said...

I rejoice with you on a very special anniversary. Hooray for healing!

lace1070 said...

Congrats on your anniversary and your post is very encouraging to me as I am facing decompression surgery to alleviate all my symptoms from Chiari. To hear from someone 'on the other side' gives me hope that I will be able to re-claim my life. ~Lace