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Getting to the, ah, bottom of things...


What does it mean when you are constantly comparing the size of your rear to the rears of the - um - "stout" women you see?

It means that :

1. Yes. Your rear is indeed as big as hers and (gasp) maybe even bigger. No kidding.

2. Uh-huh. You guessed it. It's time to decrease the calories, and increase the thing that starts with "E". Not Eeeeeek. E-x-e-r-c-i-s-e.

3. You'd do well to put the focus on your rear. Not hers. Focusing on yours should be a full time job considering the ampleness of what's following you. Just sayin'...

4. Everything looks smaller in the rear view mirror. Except the rear you're viewing.

That would be yours, Karen Anne.


1 comment:

zaftigkre said...

Unfortunately, my rear view is on the broad side, as well.

But I've been riding my bike most mornings, now that it's cooler. No great marathons here, I'll never be Lance Armstrong material. But a spin around the neighborhood is such a lovely way to start the day! :)