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Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

Have become fully aware of not needing anything in the way of clothes, accessories, shoes, or anything, anything for the house.

Sort of takes all the fun out of going to a store or antique mall...I mean, why go???

So what am I supposed to do now???

Augh. This being acutely aware of my consumerism, of feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff I still have, and of trying to turn over a new leaf (as in being frugal) is, um, kinda the pits if ya know what I mean.

I haven't discovered the pure joy of it all for any extended period. Short bursts only.

I'm positive I would feel differently if all that I'm getting rid of was rewarded in weight loss. One pound off for every pound do stuff I get rid of.

Seems like a reasonable idea, but the Universe ain't cooperating.

Poop. (And here is where, before, I would have gone out and bought something to make myself feel better...)

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