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See you there! And let me know if you visit, okay?


I've been loking for the perfect thing to distract me from all the horrors going on in our country; the economy (does it still exist?), Sarah Palin (will she exist after Thursday's debates?), etc.

Found the perfect distraction whilst driving back from the grocery store just now: Nose Whistles!

So for the next week or so, while Skipperdee, my computer, travels to Tacoma WA and back, that's what I'll be thinking about. The Unexpected Nose Whistle That Persists Inspite of Blows and Rubs. Soooo disconcerting. So maddening. So very humbling.

Anyway, that's what I'll be Contemplating while I'm sewing up a storm and painting trim. FUN!!!

Not to worry - I'll be back to blog and email when Skipperdee returns from vacation. (Unless I get bored enough to go up on the Big Computer that hurts my neck...)


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