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Molting Season...

I've been feeling really antsy the past few days. Fussy. Fed up.

I'm ready for a change. Good thing, because I feel like one is coming whether I'm ready or not.

And this feels like the kind of change you can't rush. Believe me, I've tried. It ain't working. So I've been sitting on my hands. Bouncing up and down. Rocking back and forth. Whistling under my breath. Humming. Sighing heavily. Very heavily...

I'm eager to find out what awaits. Truly. I relish the idea of a fresh breeze in my life; a new way of seeing; a new way of being. I feel dry and tight and itchy and flaky. Like I've outgrown my skin - literally and figuratively.

Change, schmange. Maybe it's just molting season...

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