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The gist of it all...

I just wrote out a list of the things I'd want to save in a fire. I was thinking in terms of household goods. Quite informative. I'd want ten things. And I have thousands...It occurred to me that it might be useful to try the same exercise with my wardrobe. And other areas that haunt me more than provide pleasure. A reality check of clutter, if you will.

The gist of all this is figuring out what truly matters and what doesn't. And if it doesn't matter, then being willing to let go of the thing, or the feeling, or the "whatever" it is. Just let it go and move forward in faith. Ah, faith, O Me of Little.

Here's the faith part I need to really hold onto and believe: that if I find, somewhere down the road, that I need whatever I let go of, that it will, indeed, be provided. Just like that. "Ask and you shall receive."

So... maybe... I don't need to be this little squirrel storing things away for calamaties and eventualities that might never occur. If I trust the Universe to provide, and rid myself of excess - of every sort - well, just imagine what I could do with the extra space, energy, and time that all this "stuff" is taking up.

Just imagine!

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