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Fragile Dreams I, II, III (studies for small "quilts" in cheesecloth)

I've been working on three small "quilts" to submit to a national fiber show jury. These are the working drawings. Each "quilt" is about 30"x36" and will be hung simply with two T pins so they droop a bit and respond to any air movement around them. The little circles that hang from the front are semi-transparent leaf forms made from shrinkydink plastic. I actually like these little renderings as much as I do the real pieces!


Katherine 'zaftigkre' said...

I LOVE these, KA. Beautiful fiber art. Oh, how I love fabrics and fibers... I wonder if humans began decorating their clothing before they began painting on walls...

Actually, we probably began by decorating our bodies, then our clothing as we started wearing it.

Kristan said...

as always, awesome, awe inspiring - my baby sister, wise woman, artist, artiste - as always, I love you