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We've come a long way...Not.

So I'm at the checkout counter at Old Navy, having the collars and leashes that I need for Jake (our super-sweetie of a labradoodle) rung up. (They were on sale and Very Navy with semaphore flags and boats for heaven's sake! What's a mother to dooooo????)

Anyway, I mention to the young woman at the register that these were perfect for Jake because we're a Navy family and that I had been in the Reserves.

She replied, "I was in the Army Reserves and loved it - but my husband made me quit."

I told her I was sad to hear that. And I was. And I am. Still.

I don't know what makes me saddest, though. The fact that her husband thinks he has the right to demand his wife leave something she loves - even if times are dangerous - or the fact that she complied.

Either way, it doesn't bode well for a happy marriage. And that's really sad.

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