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As I clean and clear clutter I'm lusting after pure white space.

A dream studio:

Have fantasies of eventually turning our third floor into such a space; turning a wall that currently divides the space into two rooms into a half wall with a column support, adding a couple of skylights - those tubular ones; refinishing the floors which are painted now, but are beautiful pine - incredibly wide, (over a foot!) thick old pine. I'd paint the walls, ceiling and trim white white white! Keep my old oak work table on wheels as is, but add the bookshelves for a whole wall of books...

My current studio, which is heavenly for sure (with wonderful light, exposed beams and brick wall, and a lovely view of the garden) could become my meditation and Reiki treatment room. It would be perfect because the energy is lovely and soothing in that space.


Would be lovely to win the lottery tonight!

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