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I'm back at work - to REST! Holy cow. Got the attic, basement, the third floor walk-in closet and garage done! It feels wonderful! I found plenty of unfinished projects in the process - and new ones to boot - but just made a mental note and continued with what was at hand. I did clean out the china cupboards before sticking things back in, though, but I didn't take time to clean all the wax and muck out of the box of votives I've collected. I just stuck the box in the cupboard and made a mental note to clean them when I had nothing else to do (yeah, right!) and to NOT buy anymore votives in my lifetime.

Found there are several categories that don't need replenishing - EVER. Tights for one...just how many pairs of bright pink and neon green tights does a 57 year old woman really need??? Apparently the exact same number as pairs of summer pants she found she had (even though I never wear the two together. But that is certainly an interesting idea to consider for my dotage...)

I'm always amazed at how compulsive I can be when I get started on something like this. I mean the boxes have to line up j..u..s..t....s..o. And everything has to Make Sense. I have the grand idea to put everything on a searchable database and then label things like in Home Depot according to shelf and placement - like K29, ya' know? Then when I need the damned extension cords (something else I need not buy ever again) I'll look it up on the list and - BINGO - know just where to find them! And maybe I'll make a special website where I'll post the info so I'll know where the extension cords are when I'm in a cafe in, say, Corfu, Greece. (Just in case I was wondering or someone asks me...) And then maybe I'll start a worldwide effort to have all extension cords stored in the exact same place EVERYWHERE so it will enter our DNA and we'll mutate so we'll Always Know...and do that with all the bothersome items in the house.

But first I have to clean my office at work.

And so it continues...

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