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Be forwarned: political rant follows!

I don't know whether I'm more insulted or horrified.

John McCain doesn't seem to get that selecting a female for his running mate whose overwhelmingly singular credential is that she is female is about as sexist as you can get.

I didn't vote for Hilary in the primaries, but it's insulting to me all the same that McCain seems to think that his beauty pagent runner-up is, in any way, an equal to Hilary, or that she could, in any way, be a viable "Hilary substitute" for women disappointed that Hilary wasn't the Democrat's nominee. Note to John: Women are not interchangeable. No way. No how.

Palin seems to know a heck of a lot about oil and natural gas capture in Alaska and could reasonably, perhaps, have been chosen to be a member of his advisory team, but it's really horrifyingly unsound judgement to think that she'd be able to handle the number one slot if John doesn't prove to be as immortal as he seems to think he is. When I consider that she might become the President if John were elected and kicked the bucket, well, to say I freak out is a total understatement.

And if all this wasn't enough (and to prove just how small and critical I can be) she has a really irritating voice, talks way the hell too fast, and doesn't seem to know how to Be Quiet. She doesn't even take time to breathe for heaven't sake! And she described her husband as Alaska's "First Dude"- her play on "first husband". Geez. I rest my case.

Thanks to McCain's questionable choice, however, I'm even more confident that Obama and Biden will win the election.


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