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Not spending much time online for a few days since I'm helping Megan go through all her stuff; saving some, packing some, donating some, pitching the rest.

We're taking trips down Memory Lane and have laughed, and cried some, over things we've unearthed.

It's a joy to be able to spend this time with her and I marvel that the mom I was even a few years ago has mellowed so. Megan's mess and clutter ( and Emily's, too!) could easily send me into a crazed state and I'd rant and rave and scream and sputter. But now, well, for some reason it simply doesn't bother me! Maybe because I've gone through much of MY mess recently and feel so much better about all that. The process doesn't freak me out anymore - matter of fact, I kind of relish it because it feels so good afterwards.

At any rate, we've made significant progress and should be in great shape by this afternoon. Then it will be a simply matter of putting the bed linens and towels through the laundry and packing them away.

A nice way to spend a couple of days with a wonderful daughter!

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