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So John Edwards had an affair. He's not perfect. He's like us.

It's all so very sad. For Elizabeth. For him. For the kids.

Relationships are hard and people make stupid mistakes. Stupid, stupid, stupid mistakes.

Not one of us is exempt from making big time flub-ups. Sooner or later we all disappoint ourselves and those we love through some careless act of ego. We think ourselves invincible and skip gleefully into territory that will always leave us aching for, begging for, a "do-over" from the universe. Big or small, seen or unseen, these acts and words of thoughtlessness will eat at our soul until we acknowledge them and seek to set things right. Nothing is so humbling and frightening as the awful realization that we've really screwed up and hurt those we hold dearest; perhaps to such an extent that we might not ever be able to repair the trust they had in us and our paths must part as a result.

Being real and honest and thought-full so that my words and deeds express deep caring and love is a challenge. Maintaining a humble and contrite heart is not always so easy. But I'm making progress. Compassion comes more easily these days; criticism is not the "go-to" emotion it used to be for me. I know now that unconditional love, forgiveness, and reconcilliation are the blessings of Grace and are as joyous to give as to receive. But I wonder - would I have found my way here if not for my mistakes? Would I have known how loved I am by my my family and friends if I had not ever had to seek - and gratefully received - their forgiveness? By the grace of Spirit I am home.

I hope the Edwards' can find their way home to each other, too.

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