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See you there! And let me know if you visit, okay?


Down south for a few days. Nice to have a Girl's Road Trip with Megan in the new car. Good to see my grandnephew, Bennett, celebrate his first birthday yesterday, and good to break bread with my mom and dad this morning.

We had a feast of Fried Green Tomatoes - fresh from my brother-in-law's garden. His FGTs are the BEST!

Taking a post-feast rest before heading out to the Antiques Show at the beach with ma sistah. She's assured me that I'll be able to find a restroom there when all the coffee I've consumed hits:

"They have pee places at the thing-a-ma-bob."

I love that we communicated like that - we're the only people who can easily understand each other. (Our husbands have to struggle mightily and usually look more than a bit perplexed...) But Krissie and I share a sisterly combination of history, psychic ability, and humor! Best of all we're helpful and patient when one of us has a senior moment...a matter of offering words so that we sound like we're playing charades, or we just change the subject and are off and running again

See ya'll in a few days! ( I'm off to the you-know-what in the you-know-where)

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