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I've had separation anxiety in a big way. But not over the kids growing up. Nope. I've been missing having access to Photoshop. I'm trying to ease my angst with a smaller version; Photoshop Elements 6. It's helping a lot, but of course all the things that were so easy to do on the fullblown version (and on the Mac G5 I had in my office at Dickinson) are more challenging. The learning curve is steeper than I had anticipated. I still managed to figure out how to scan, on Dean's scanner, a small collage I made, then send it to my computer downstairs and then manipulate it a bit with Elements. All the running back and forth and up and down the stairs between computers added an aerobic aspect that I need, too! Not much to show for the day, but hopefully things will get easier. Especially since I made a run to Barnes and Noble for a book to help me out...

Maybe tomorrow I'll get back to the other things on my To Do list. But it was fun to try it out and be creative in a small way - even if it took all day!

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