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ThE UlTiMaTe HoOt TrIgGeR: Cluster Puffs.

That was the name of a mattress pad described in an ad in the Sunday paper.

The 6 year old in me simply cannot get past it; every time I think of it I dissolve into huge guffaws that turn into truly unbecoming snorts ...and then I start laughing even harder!

(Pardon me while I go get a tissue to dry my eyes - I've errupted again... Hahhahaha. HA! Hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I'm sorry...but OMG "cluster puffs" can be used to perfectly described so many things - from little white clouds floating in the blue sky, to...well, I'm sure you can think of a few!

Cluster Puffs.

Try not to laugh! I dare you!

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