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Am I Blue??? Nope - only Lillianna is!

(I've agreed to be a Pocket Faerie at the Spoutwood Fairie Festival that will be held 4/5/6/May 2007...hence the following.)

Lillianna Bluestocking,
Pocket Faerie is guiding me in bringing her to life. What I know so far: She is a Mature Faerie who is happy with her life and with all the things that make her Unique. Her first name is Lillianna because her mother loved the sound of it and proclaimed "one can never have too many l's or i's or
n's or a's in a name." Her middle name is Bluestocking because A. she wears them and B. she is one. (As per Merriam Webster: Bluestocking \BLOO-stah-king\ noun: a woman having intellectual or literary interests.) But I digress...

She was born without wings so she has two friends (butterflies? dragonflies? one of each?) who sit on her shoulder and come to life when she says The Magic Word. They have always flown her wherever she wants to go ever since she was a tiny faerie. One is named Goodness and the other Mercy (and surely they follow wherever she goes - get it? She really gets a kick out of that since she chose their names...) She's been around the world multiple times and loves collecting Neat Stuff and Trinkets. Good thing she has a Magic Wand and doesn't have to pay postage to get things back home!

She's not a fluffy, glitzy faerie - she's been around a while and she likes using other peoples' cast off clothing and jewelry - doing whatever needs doing to make them her own, showcasing her special, personal Flair. She loves to wears layers - all in shades of blue - some solids, some prints - since she can add and subtract them depending on what climate she's in. Thus far she has a blue multi-patterned tiered skirt under a high waisted button-up-the-front dress (made of a simple blue hibiscus Hawaiian print - she picked it up last time she was there) over which she dons an all blue embroidered 3/4 length empire waisted loose top. She pins the dress up in spots with flowered pins to make it kind of poufy and expose the skirt. She drapes an open, yarny, ribbony shawl on her back and Goodness and Mercy hold it on her shoulders. So far she has three Pocketbags for treats - two original fabric/bead ones she found and one that has dangles of flat abalone shell that make a wonderful tinkling sound - sort of like she imagines a crystal chandelier would. She likes to wear turquoise tights topped with mismatched socks and her flat mary jane shoes are decorated with ribbon flowers. She's fussing around with her crowny thing - and thinks she wants it to be Not Too Big and to sit on top of her head and be made of a combination of bead and fabric flowers. She stretched out a copper mesh scouring pad she found in her kitchen and likes the way it sparkles, and it fits well on her head, so she may use that as the base for the flowers. And she may add some rayon seam tape streamers to the sides (and maybe some to the 3/4 top). She also wants to add a few sparkles to the whole ensemble (all the layers and bags) - nothing over the top - just something to catch the sunlight and "still be washable for heaven's sake!" Oh and teeny tiny bells - she wants some of those attached to her hems so she sounds sparkly, too! (She says she likes her clothing and accessories to activate as many senses as possible... so I imagine a signature perfume is important to her, too.) The wand thing is giving her fits right now ( her old one fizzled out after sending home the last batch of Neat Stuff and Trinkets) so I'm taking her to Home Depot and WalMart later to see if she can work her magic on anything there. But she keeps telling me it's hard to work magic "without the damned wand". I told her that I thought that sort of language didn't become her even if she is a Blue Faerie. She just snorted and flicked me on my head.

She ain't no wishy-washy faerie, that's for sure- she KNOWS what she wants and I like that about her. She's got gumption, and sense of humor, and an incredible sense of style. And she's friendly. I'm to say "hi" to you from her. So: HI!

She's dragging me off to the studio now to show me what else she wants done - I'll report back as I complete her "look". Can't wait till I find out what kind of makeup she wants!

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colleenrain said...

I can't wait for her debut! Will she show up in some kind of kitchen vegetable or will it be a bright blue convertible VW Cabriolet?