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Feeling boxed in?

I read this today and wanted to share it:
"Think hard before you do this, " one said to me when I told him I wanted to be ordained. "Right now you have the broadest ministry imaginable. As a layperson, you can serve God no matter what you do for a living, and you can reach out to people who will never set foot inside a church. Once you are ordained, that is going to change. Every layer of responsibility you add is going to narrow your ministry, so think hard before you choose a smaller box."
- Barbara Brown Taylor in Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith
Something worthwhile to consider regardless of what you choose to do for a living, huh?

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Sharon said...

Of course I have to comment on this! My best friend, a fellow pastor, gave me this book for Christmas. I'm looking forward to reading it.

I so agree that the ministry of the laity is the most powerful ministry of all. We ordained ones get to be their cheerleaders, equippers, shoulders-to-cry-on, butt-kickers (sometimes!), and (I hope) we help to create a spiritual home for these REAL ministers of the world.

That said, I think that every ordained minister needs to always have the option to "leave church." The saddest situations I know are where the pastor is really done, but s/he sees no other option. I'm saying that it helps me to know I have other professional options, so I don't ever feel stuck, for long!

(Rev.) Sharon