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The Journey...

A dear friend told me today that she has decided to start her studies to become a Buddhist priest. A wise and thoughtful woman, she said she didn't fully understand why she was being pulled so to become a priest, but that she just knew it's important, and time, for her to start the journey. I told her that's how I felt about "becoming" a Pocket Faerie; that I didn't know why I was to do it, but neither did I know why I shouldn't.

Now, I know that being a priest is BIG compared to being a faerie, but she's known me long enough to understand what I meant. She nodded and said, "I really think it's all about wanting to do something where we can still play dress-up!" And there is a certain element of truth in that...

One thing I know for sure: Be it in robes or in wings, we're both ready to take flight and soar - even if we're not quite sure where we'll land. And you know what? That doesn't seem to worry either of us.

It's all about the journey, after all.

It's all about the journey.

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