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Button, button, who's got the friggin' button???

This will have to be short. It's the twelfth hour and I just remembered I promised to sew the buttons on her peacoat since she needs to take it back to school with her tomorrow. I had promised to do it at Thanksgiving but forgot. Like I did in September. But I didn't get the replacement buttons until last week so I couldn't have sewn them on in September OR November, now could I?

So.... Sssssssssew.... (Does that sound like Ed Sullivan?)

Back to the buttons. Yes. I have to replace ALL the buttons because ONE fell off. Lost. Gonzo. (Or as Lillianna would say, "POOF!") That's t-w-e-l-v-e buttons mind you. As in: Because of course it's asking too much to be able to find ONE that will match the other eleven... And the one inside - that little extra one sewn inside at the bottom? Gone. Of course!

Enough whining. Time to get to it.

But thank goodness my bellybutton is firmly attached. Because if THAT fell off, well, shoot...

I guess my butt would fall off, too.
(They're attached. You didn't know???)

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