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Stacks O' Crap

Stacks o' Crap. For those of you who don't know, that's the name of a store I've fantasized about opening. Once it proves to be the highly successful endeavor I'm certain it will be, I'll open up a second called Piles O' Shit. A bit crass I admit - but perfectly descriptive of what I would gleefully foist off on my unsuspecting customers. "Why, this is just what you've always needed!" (hehehe.) And why oh why would I want to open such quaint places of business, you ask?

Simple: To rid myself of the excess stuff I've accumulated in 56.5 years.

Stuff. It’s everywhere. Over. Under. Behind. Between. Hidden. Weighing me down. Demanding to be dusted. Filling me with guilt when I don’t comply. How did all that stuff get up in the attic? (Even I don't believe that it's “functional insulation” anymore.) Who put all that other stuff in the basement? And don’t even get me started on the garage...

I know I'm not alone feeling this way. My friends and I have talked about the issue almost as many times as we've discussed our intentions to lose weight. At some point, though, I have to realize that talking about doing something it isn't the same as - OMIGOD! - actually doing it.

Hmmm...well there you have it, Ms. Clutterbug. You are confronted with the Truth and there's nowhere else to turn. Perhaps you've discovered one of those magic doors you wrote about, huh? So whatcha gonna DOOOOOOOOOOO???? Got the courage to go through yet? Huh???

WAAAAAAH!!!! I'm too tired it seems like too much I'm too attached it's worth money it's, it's, it's... how can I put it?

Try this :“Every increased possession loads us with new weariness.” Gotta love that John Ruskin. Hit the nail right on the head. I am : W-E-A-R-Y of it all. But I think I'm finally weary of being weary and I feel the teeny-tiniest bit of hope sneaking in. There it is! Over there! See it under those dust bunnies next to the pile of magazines that are three years old that are under the dead plant? (Geez. I'm not alone in this am I???)

So. I will take stuff to Goodwill one bag at a time. Bless it and send it out into the Universe without expecting anything in return. Then I will take a deep breathe, take another bag, and go forth! I will repeat this as many times as I need to. Until I feel the lightness - the relief - that is there...somewhere...and the peace.

And get this, because this is BIG: I finally want that sense of peace more than I want the stuff.

Whoa, mama!


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LubaGal said...

Omg, omg i so so so understand you!!!!

I was just starting to feel teh same way!!

Glad to know someone else is in it with me too!