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"To resist is futile!"

Suffice it to say: my will power caved.

My inner resources were nowhere to be found.

I admit it.

I indulged. A lusty glutton throwing every good intention to the winds. Resistance was, indeed, completely and utterly futile. I lost all sense of time.

But it's done. There's nothing more to resist and Dean has promised me he won't let any more in the house.

Starbuck's Java Chip ice cream.

Beware. It's in a store near you...


emily said... won't have any more in the house???? but he loves it, make sure you check the downstairs fridge! :) i love you, mamapants

Matt Holtry said...

Java Chip ice cream... If Dean won't let you bring any in the house, there is a secret half gallon left over from my visit to Carlisle... Shhh..