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Looking both ways on the way to becoming...

Yesterday morning I woke up from a vivid dream that has been on my mind ever since. I was standing on the sidewalk across the street from where I work. My dog Jake was on the opposite side of the street and off his leash. He looked up, saw me, and started across the street, dodging the cars and a huge truck, finally making it safely to my side. We turned and began walking north - away from the street and away from the building where I had worked. Had worked...

I've felt for quite some time that I am in a period of transition and the dream confirmed that. And, if it's true that we are every living thing in our dreams, then, as Jake, I'm moving across the street, away from one way of living my life to another. Indeed, in the dream I am already there in some sense and I'm waiting for the rest of me to catch up. The cars and the huge truck seem to be the challenges I'm confronting as I'm making the transition, but I'm relieved when I remember that in the dream I wasn't particularly afraid. I knew that all would be well, so I just watched and waited patiently.

It's clear to me from my dream that what I am in the midst of is more than a simple change; more than a career change or retirement. This feels Important. Like coming home to who I remember being long ago. Like getting to the crux of who I am and who I am meant to be. Still Karen Anne. Always Karen Anne. But the best Karen Anne.

You can bet your bottom dollar, though, that when I cross that street tomorrow on my way to get coffee, I'm not taking any chances - I'm looking both ways before I step out into the street!

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