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In which the Universe flicks me on the head...

Oh. Yeah. Now I remember. Stay humble, right? Right. And in case you forget and get a bit big for your britches and think you're a hotshot, the Universe is right there with a big grin on it’s face, ready and willing to help you remember. Case in point:

Just for a lark I thought I’d Google Scones and Crones to see what turned up - confident that I would see this little blog flash at the top of the list in response to my query. What did I get instead? That little Google question line that asked me: “Did you mean Scones and Crohns ?”

“Um… no. But thanks for asking. I'll just go crawl under a rock somewhere now if that's okay with you.” Geez.

Gotta love a Universe with a sense of humor! (I swear I heard it snort between gasps and guffaws...)

I’m glad I have no problem laughing at myself…I get LOTS of practice and will, not doubt, get plenty more. (Snort!)

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Jeannie said...

Luv ya, luv ya, luv ya. Been reading but couldn't get the comment thingie down.
A crone who loves to make scones........ I thought if you googled "Scones and Crones" I would pop up for goodness sakes.......