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Mother Birds, Faith and Hives...

Today I rejoice in the fullness of life even when there are moments I feels like I'm overflowing. I rejoice in the miracle of feelings -fear, joy, sadness, concern, empathy, rage, love, ambivalence, disbelief - all of which have coursed through my veins this morning. And, no, the trouble I've had with my laptop (who's name is Skipperdee after Eloise's turtle who also had a hard outer shell) hasn't been the sole cause of the myriad of emotions, though the angst I've felt about calling the Dell folks was certainly palpable...

No...the feelings stem from watching those I love trying so hard to find, on one hand, the way to the life they are meant to live, and on the other hand, the way to a peaceful resting place here or with Spirit. The feelings stem from wanting to be confident when I reassure them that in letting go they will find the answers they seek. Like the mother of little birds waivering on a branch wanting the courage to fly, I'm helpless to do anything but issue chirps of "You can do it!" For indeed they can - and they need to know that and own it.

Oprah often asks guests, "What do you know for sure?" I know for sure that Spirit asks nothing of us but to get up each day and put one foot in front of the other in Faith.

Sometimes that's easier said than done. Which could explain why I woke up with hives this morning. (Ya think???)


Joan L. Miller said...

Karen, You are a creative dynamo! It is absolutely inspiring how you are caring for Barbara!!!! Keep up that wonderful sense of humor you have. God is smiling on you!! Act on your wonderful dreams!

Brooke wiley said...

The Uses of Poetry

This was a day when I did nothing,
aside from reading the newspaper,
taking both breakfast and lunch by myself
in the kitchen, dozing after lunch
until the middle of the afternoon. Then
I read one poem by Zbigniew Herbert
in which he thanked God for the many beautiful
things in this world, in a voice so absurdly
truthful, the entire wrecked day was redeemed.

Harvey Shapiro

Karen, what a beautiful blog-site!